IDRORICERCHE provides all products for chemical-physical water treatment; softening systems, activated carbon filters and reverse osmosis.


These products can be mounted individually or, depending on the requirements, in series on compact stainless steel skids in order to optimise spaces.


IDRORICERCHE offers a comprehensive service that includes consulting, design, connection and start-up .



  Clarification filtration


IDRORICERCHE provides systems for microbiological and particulate water filtration.


Possible solutions ranging from simple sterile filter cartridges to several stages, to equipment designed and built by IDRORICERCHE to meet specific customer requirements: IDROSAFE COMPACT ultrafiltration plant equipped with hollow fiber membrane capable of retaining suspended solids, bacteria and viruses while keeping the chemical and physical characteristics of the water unchanged.



  coarse filtration


IDRORICERCHE supplies systems for the coarse filtration of beer through stainless steel housing and polypropylene and nylon filterbags. This filtration retains physical residues present especially at the bottom of fermentation tanks, without altering the clarity and the characteristics of the beer.


  Clarification filtration


IDRORICERCHE supplies systems for the clarification systems of beer through stainless steel housing and polypropylene and nylon filterbags. This is a filtration system that eliminates, depending on the micrometry, the cloudiness and bottom residues prior to bottling, without altering the characteristics of the beer.




  cleansing and sanitising beer equipment


prodotti chimici

Chemical products


liquid detergents and sanitisers for washing and sanitising plants for the production of beer.


prodotti enzimatici

Enzymatic products


100% biodegradable enzymatic detergent in non-foaming powder form, not suitable for washing plants, filters and pumps.



Idroricerche supplies plants with several filtration stages depending on requirements and the capacities required by the customer and offers a complete service which includes advice, design,
connection and start-up.



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