Custom solutions


  • Microbiological and chemical research

    Idroricerche's support is completed through the Analysis Service. This service is carried out with your own Technical Staff, also with the help of partner, specialist and certified laboratories. The range of possible analyzes includes typical microbiological analyzes, chemical analysis of primary and secondary water, access to SEM microscopy, complete water chemistry, hydrogeological analysis, etc.

  • Preliminary and executive planning

    Preliminary design is offered to the Customers with the aim of optimizing applications. It is important to be able to define the features of the system, by placing it in the Client's Reality. The detail listing, which will emerge, will be so precise and definitive, including each variable preliminarily. Executive design, to be considered case by case, is a further Idroricerque Service that is available to Customers who intend to have a unique interlocutor on this issue as well.

  • Biofilm Removal

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  • Study of the hydrogeological basin

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  • Dedicated and customizable installations

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Idroricerche supplies plants with several filtration stages depending on requirements and the capacities required by the customer and offers a complete service which includes advice, design, connection and start-up.



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